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Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Windows

October 11, 2018

Florida is known for many things, including its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and extreme weather. Florida also receives more thunderstorms than any other state in the Lower 48, and it also is exceedingly susceptible to extreme weather events, like hurricanes and gale-force winds off both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Storm windows in Miami, FL are a great tool that homeowners and business owners can use to protect property and enhance safety. Storm windows are double-paned windows made from exceptionally durable materials designed to withstand even the most violent and aggressive weather conditions. If you’re a Florida resident living without... View Article

Here’s Why Traditional Windows Didn’t Protect Your Home Against a Storm

July 13, 2018

A homeowner can find themselves burdened with thousands of dollars of damage after a hurricane rolls through. For some, the damage might be limited to downed trees and wet carpet, but others could find their entire home destroyed. Insurance payouts and monetary aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will help cover the losses, but they frequently don’t cover enough. That’s why it is so important to make the home as disaster proof as possible. The first thing on every list should be upgrading traditional windows to storm impact windows. Traditional windows are especially vulnerable to the extreme winds and... View Article

Why Hurricanes Are Common During the Summer

June 8, 2018

With hurricane season officially underway, the time is now to make sure that your home is protected from excessive damage that leads to costly repairs. With the help of your local experts in storm door installation in Miami, FL, let’s take a look at the basics of how hurricanes are formed, and why these storms are so prevalent during the summer months. How hurricanes form During the summer, ocean water is warm, and these temperatures only increase with each passing day. As a result, the ocean water provides both the warmth and moisture that energizes and heats the air, which... View Article

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