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Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

November 22, 2018

A changing climate and increasing coastal urbanization is making the effects of extreme storm conditions all the more dangerous for residents of hurricane-prone areas, which includes most of Florida. People hoping to protect their homes from hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather conditions have two primary options: impact windows and hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters in Miami, FL are an ideal tool that many homeowners choose to use to protect their property and possessions from storm-force winds, rains and debris. Impact windows are another excellent choice for people hoping to safeguard their home against flying debris, high winds and extensive rains.... View Article

Storm Shutter Care and Maintenance

September 6, 2018

Living in Florida, you’re well aware of the likelihood of violent storms and hurricanes. Because hurricanes and major storms are abundant in this part of the United States, regular storm protection maintenance around your home throughout the year is a must. The key here is to not wait until a hurricane is nearby or already blowing through your neck of the woods. Hands down, these are the absolute worst times to discover your storm shutters are not working properly. Hurricane shutters are many homeowners’ first line of defense against hurricanes. Accordion hurricane/storm shutters are designed to roll on a track... View Article

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