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Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Windows

October 11, 2018

Florida is known for many things, including its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and extreme weather. Florida also receives more thunderstorms than any other state in the Lower 48, and it also is exceedingly susceptible to extreme weather events, like hurricanes and gale-force winds off both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Storm windows in Miami, FL are a great tool that homeowners and business owners can use to protect property and enhance safety. Storm windows are double-paned windows made from exceptionally durable materials designed to withstand even the most violent and aggressive weather conditions. If you’re a Florida resident living without... View Article

Be Prepared: Check Out Our Hurricane Protection Buyer’s Guide!

September 20, 2018

When it comes to hurricane protection, you have more than one option—and you can choose more than one to protect you, your family, property and assets. The first thing to note is that some insurance companies may have requirements for purchasing or renewing hurricane protection policies. This is especially true of those insurance companies that cover homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas, including Florida. Often times, homeowners who purchase hurricane protection for their homes will see a reduction in their premiums. What is the best protection? Is there any benefit to installing hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL? Not all hurricane... View Article

Storm Shutter Care and Maintenance

September 6, 2018

Living in Florida, you’re well aware of the likelihood of violent storms and hurricanes. Because hurricanes and major storms are abundant in this part of the United States, regular storm protection maintenance around your home throughout the year is a must. The key here is to not wait until a hurricane is nearby or already blowing through your neck of the woods. Hands down, these are the absolute worst times to discover your storm shutters are not working properly. Hurricane shutters are many homeowners’ first line of defense against hurricanes. Accordion hurricane/storm shutters are designed to roll on a track... View Article

How to Tell If Your Window Was Installed Poorly

September 5, 2018

Adding new windows to your property is a great way to increase the value of your investment. This is especially true if you choose impact window installation in Miami, FL. New impact windows not only look great, but they are more energy efficient and can withstand the damage sometimes caused by tropical storms. However, if your window was not installed by an experienced professional, you’ll begin to notice some problems with your new windows. Here is how to tell if your brand new windows were installed poorly. Sloppy or unfinished caulking You can tell the difference between a true experienced... View Article

The Most Secure Areas in Your Home During a Hurricane

August 22, 2018

During hurricane season, it’s important to be ready in case a storm strikes. Unless the hurricane is greater than a category 3, an evacuation order will not be issued. South Floridians tend to stay home, batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst. Your family’s safety is your chief concern, so it’s important that each member of your household knows where to go when a hurricane is in the vicinity. Your number one source for hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL provides these tips for determining the most secure areas in your home during a hurricane if you do... View Article

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