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Understanding Why You Should Close Your Doors During a Hurricane

January 24, 2019

During hurricane season, many Florida homeowners get to work preparing their homes for the incoming storms in as many ways as possible. Boarded-up windows and storm shutters are just a few of the many methods you might try to fortify your home. But one thing you should never forget to protect is your doors. The doors of your home are extremely vulnerable to damage during hurricanes, especially if you don’t have a second layer door or storm door installed. It’s extremely important to keep all doors closed and sealed up tight to prevent the storm from getting in. The importance... View Article

Make Sure Your Windows Are Closed During Hurricanes!

January 10, 2019

Hurricanes are dangerous storms that pummel coastal regions with seemingly endless rain and extremely strong winds. Homeowners in Florida often fear for the safety of their homes during hurricane season, as the storms are known to cause mass destruction. There is a common myth that circulates around hurricane season that says opening windows just a tiny bit during a hurricane will help stabilize the pressure within your home and protect it from “exploding.” But this is simply not true! Houses are not built to be airtight. There are a million little places where air can leave the home, so you... View Article

Top Reasons to Invest in a Storm Door

December 6, 2018

Over the past several years, Floridians have seen a tremendous increase in both the number and severity of extreme weather events. Hurricanes and other disastrous weather patterns are posing a greater risk than ever before, thanks largely in part to the effects of climate change. While storm doors are often installed as a preventative measure against the effects of extreme weather, they also serve a number of practical purposes that can add value to your home and help you maintain a productive and active lifestyle. If you’re considering whether a storm door is right for you and your home, it’s... View Article

Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

November 22, 2018

A changing climate and increasing coastal urbanization is making the effects of extreme storm conditions all the more dangerous for residents of hurricane-prone areas, which includes most of Florida. People hoping to protect their homes from hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather conditions have two primary options: impact windows and hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters in Miami, FL are an ideal tool that many homeowners choose to use to protect their property and possessions from storm-force winds, rains and debris. Impact windows are another excellent choice for people hoping to safeguard their home against flying debris, high winds and extensive rains.... View Article

Contact Us Today for Your New Window Installation

October 25, 2018

The dry season is quickly approaching in Florida, which means that it’s time to start considering all of the home improvement projects you’ve deferred because of the rain. One of the most significant home improvement endeavors that you may want to consider once the rain subsides is window replacement. Purchasing new windows can add value to your home and reduce the amount of money you spend each year on maintenance and replacement. The winter season is the best time to install hurricane windows in Miami, FL. Hurricane windows are made of special high-impact resistant glass that allows you to reap... View Article

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