Accordion Shutter Installation in Miami, FL

Don’t want to go through the invasive and expensive process of retrofitting high impact windows and doors for your home? Accordion shutters in Miami, FL are another smart way to prep for hurricane weather and are a convenient, simple solution that won’t affect the curb appeal of your property.

Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC installs hurricane shutters on Miami, FL homes of all types, no matter your façade. Best of all, every installation we perform is tailored around your unique home to make sure it looks great and functions optimally when deployed. We install on concrete, stone and wood frame constructions, with shutters that come in a variety of colors including neutral tones like white, ivory and bronze.

Accordion Shutter Installation in Miami, FL

Why Choose Accordion Shutters?

Accordion storm shutters in Miami, FL are a smart investment for numerous reasons—namely because they’re an easily deployable way to protect your home when inclement weather becomes an immediate threat. Other benefits include:

  • They can be easily stowed when not in use
  • Storm shutters lock in place when collapsed or deployed
  • They can easily be tailored around every home’s windows and doors
  • They’re easy to use
  • They’re extremely impact resistant and hold up against heavy weathering

Shutters are an extremely good investment for any homeowner that doesn’t currently have impact-resistant windows and doors. These shutters can be your first line of defense when a hurricane comes roaring into town.

Personalized Installations

The team at Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC will make sure your storm shutters are perfectly tailored to your home. When they’re installed, you’ll never even know they’re there! And, when it comes to deployment, you can be certain your shutters are tested working and are perfectly conformed to the windows and doors they’re protecting.

Contact Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC today at 305-884-8559 to learn more about storm shutters, how they work and why they’re a smart investment for your home. We’ll be glad to walk you through our products and help you understand the appeal shutters have.

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