Make Sure Your Windows Are Closed During Hurricanes!

January 10, 2019

Hurricanes are dangerous storms that pummel coastal regions with seemingly endless rain and extremely strong winds. Homeowners in Florida often fear for the safety of their homes during hurricane season, as the storms are known to cause mass destruction.

There is a common myth that circulates around hurricane season that says opening windows just a tiny bit during a hurricane will help stabilize the pressure within your home and protect it from “exploding.” But this is simply not true!

Houses are not built to be airtight. There are a million little places where air can leave the home, so you don’t need to be worried about a buildup of pressure while a storm rages outside. In fact, you should be more worried about accidentally leaving a window open. Open windows during a hurricane can wreak serious destruction on your home.

The dangers of open windows during hurricanes

If you don’t have hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL, your home already has an increased risk of dangers because traditional windows do not always fare well against a hurricane’s torrential rain and wind. However, there’s much more to worry about if you leave your windows open during these storms:

  • Flooding: One of the most obvious dangers of leaving windows open is having rain entering your home and causing flooding. In a hurricane, water might be coming from many different directions, so even a window that is cracked can let water in. Even the tiniest amount of standing water inside your home can lead to extremely expensive repairs and may potentially even damage the structure of your home.
  • Wind damage: Wind entering the home through a window can be even more damaging than water. The force of wind entering the home can blow out windows and doors, and maybe even damage or tear off the roof! This is because the air entering through the window needs a place to go and will seek an exit, often to the detriment of your home.
  • Debris: You don’t just need to worry about the natural elements during a hurricane, though. You also should be concerned about flying debris that gets picked up in strong gusts. Everything from trash to damaged home pieces to much larger objects can come flying toward your window. If the window is closed, it may protect you, but if it’s open, you or your family may sustain an injury.

How to protect your home and windows

One of the best ways to protect your home from rain and wind during a hurricane is to close all windows tightly and make sure they’re completely sealed. There’s very little else you can do to protect your windows from hurricanes—tape, hurricane film and padding have been proven to be almost useless during these natural disasters—except for installing hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL.

Hurricane proof windows are stronger and more resistant to shattering and cracking, meaning your home is much better protected. The best part is that they look just like normal windows and will blend in seamlessly with your home when it’s not hurricane season.

If you are interested in adding extra hurricane protection to your home, contact Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC. We sell and install a variety of hurricane protection products, including high-impact doors, accordion shutters and hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL.

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