Storm Shutter Care and Maintenance

September 6, 2018

Living in Florida, you’re well aware of the likelihood of violent storms and hurricanes. Because hurricanes and major storms are abundant in this part of the United States, regular storm protection maintenance around your home throughout the year is a must. The key here is to not wait until a hurricane is nearby or already blowing through your neck of the woods. Hands down, these are the absolute worst times to discover your storm shutters are not working properly.

Hurricane shutters are many homeowners’ first line of defense against hurricanes. Accordion hurricane/storm shutters are designed to roll on a track and across your windows. They hide away easily when not in use, lock in place when opened or closed, are customized to fit around your home’s windows and doors, are impact resistant and hold up well in the elements over time. These types of shutters are a great investment if you don’t have impact windows and doors, and offer extra protection on those that do. Easy to use, all you need to do is pull the two sides together, snap in place and lock it shut.

Hurricane shutters are a popular choice among Floridians. These shutters are strong, versatile and affordable, great at protecting your windows (and your home) during a hurricane. Here’s how to care for and maintain your accordion hurricane shutters in Miami, FL.

Make sure the tracks are kept clean

Like regular window and sliding door tracks in your home, hurricane shutter tracks also get dirty. To ensure your shutters are ready to deploy during hurricane season, keep the tracks clean and free of debris. Wash them regularly to remove dirt, dust, salt, spider webs and insect nests. Inspect for other things that may hinder the proper function of your home’s shutters.

Use soap and water

You should also clean the shutters often. At least twice a year, wash the accordion shutters with a mixture of warm water and gentle soap, and use a soft brush. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, stiff bristle brushes or rough pads—these can damage your shutters. Clean the slats as well as the hinges connecting the slats. Open the shutters, clean them, then close them and wash again.

Lubricate the tracks

A couple times a year, clean and lubricate the shutter tracks using a clear silicone spray lubricant. Avoid spraying the tracks with WD-40 or any other oily lubricant. These products will cause dirt and salt to build up more quickly. To ensure the locking pins can be removed, the thumbscrews also need to be lubricated at least twice a year.

Open and close shutters once a month

You won’t need to use your hurricane shutters every month, but it’s important to operate them at least once a month. Knowing that the tracks are clear and moving smoothly ensures you that your shutters are operating as they should. Also, inspect all fasteners, moving parts and other hardware for wear and damage.

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