How to Tell If Your Window Was Installed Poorly

September 5, 2018

Adding new windows to your property is a great way to increase the value of your investment. This is especially true if you choose impact window installation in Miami, FL. New impact windows not only look great, but they are more energy efficient and can withstand the damage sometimes caused by tropical storms. However, if your window was not installed by an experienced professional, you’ll begin to notice some problems with your new windows. Here is how to tell if your brand new windows were installed poorly.

Sloppy or unfinished caulking

You can tell the difference between a true experienced window installation professional and a sloppy fly-by-night operation by first looking at the edges around the window. The caulk around the window should be absolutely seamless. There ought to be no gaps and no holes. It should be smooth and even all around the window. If the caulking job was done poorly, water can enter the walls through the cracks. This will be very damaging to your walls and expensive to repair. A poor caulking job also causes concern about other shortcuts the installer might have taken during the job.

Fog appears between the windowpanes

Why would your brand new window have fog in between the panes? Energy efficient double-pane windows have gas in between the windowpanes to help insulate your home. The problem is that if the seal around the panes is broken, then fogginess or cloudiness would appear in those panes. This is a sign of shoddy installation if fog appears soon after you had the new windows put in. This fog may appear after years of use in the normal life of the window, but not soon after installation.

Noise or drafts

Brand new windows are designed to be incredibly well insulated. That means you will hear less outdoor noise through your closed new windows as compared with your old windows. There should not be any drafts or airflow through or around your new window. If you experience an increase in noise or drafts, this is an example of a problem during installation.

Difficult to operate

Over time, a house may settle, which can make a window more difficult to open, close or lock. However, this is not the case with a brand new window. If the new window does not open, close or lock with considerable ease, the problem will only get worse with time. You will one day have a window that you cannot operate. A difficult-to-operate brand new window was installed incorrectly.

Poor appearance

Most importantly, you should be satisfied with the beauty of your brand new window. A professional window installer should be able to create a perfectly level window that’s free from gaps anywhere. Your glass will be clean and shiny. Anything short of this expectation is simply subpar installation.

Choosing experienced impact window installation in Miami, FL

Experience matters when choosing a window installer. Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC offers not only the most experienced window installation experts, but we specialize in impact window installation in Miami, FL. Our company was created to protect your family and your home when a hurricane blows into the region. Contact us today for windows that can withstand the devastation of high winds and flying debris.

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