The Most Secure Areas in Your Home During a Hurricane

August 22, 2018

During hurricane season, it’s important to be ready in case a storm strikes. Unless the hurricane is greater than a category 3, an evacuation order will not be issued. South Floridians tend to stay home, batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst. Your family’s safety is your chief concern, so it’s important that each member of your household knows where to go when a hurricane is in the vicinity. Your number one source for hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL provides these tips for determining the most secure areas in your home during a hurricane if you do not evacuate.

Factors to Consider

Choosing your location to sit out the storm depends on several factors. Transplants from the Midwest will recall finding shelter in the basement during tornado warnings. In South Florida, they will find it highly unlikely that their home will have a basement. Even if their home did have a basement, given the possibility of flooding, an underground hideout would not be the safest place.

An upper floor would also not be terribly safe. Should the roof of the house collapse, you could be seriously injured—and roofs have been known to collapse during hurricanes. A room with windows would also be a poor choice. Even if you have hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL, it’s highly recommended that you do not take a chance. If the windows do break, projectiles could fly around the room. The best practice is to close all window treatments during the storm and move to a safe location. Consider the locations below as your safe place at home during a hurricane:

  • A windowless interior bathroom: If you have a windowless bathroom away from walls that are on the outside of the house, this could be a great location. You’ll not only have heavy walls around you, but you will have plumbing pipes surrounding you and providing additional protection.
  • An interior closet: A large walk-in closet also makes for a great location to ride out the storm. This will give you some breathing space in waiting out a hurricane and a degree of safety, provided there are no windows or exterior walls. A walk-in closet can be fully stocked with items to help wait out the storm. Items such as pillows, blankets, water bottles, flashlights, batteries, a battery-powered radio and non-perishable food will be quite helpful.
  • A windowless hallway: A windowless hallway is not a bad choice if there are no bathrooms or closets without exterior walls. Avoiding a collapsible exterior wall or roof as well as windows is your primary safety concern.
  • Under a stairwell: If you are fortunate to live in a home with stairs, underneath a stairwell is an excellent place for shelter, as long as it is not next to an exterior wall or close to a window or exterior door. You can even construct a makeshift storm shelter by taking a mattress or two to cover any open areas to protect you and your family from flying debris. Stock the area with supplies.

Creating an In-home Storm Shelter

There are South Floridians who have created hurricane shelters in their homes. These can be expensive, similar to the old bomb shelters of the 1950s, but they are effective. They are windowless, reinforced with concrete and designed to withstand strong winds and any flying objects. They are stocked with non-perishable food, water bottles, blankets, pillows, batteries, flashlights and a battery-powered radio.

Find Hurricane Proof Windows in Miami, FL

Keeping your family safe has been Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC’s chief concern since we started our business in 2005. We are the best and helping our customers prepare for the worst. We are your number one source for hurricane proof windows in Miami, FL. Contact us today for an estimate on how we can prepare your home for the next big storm.

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