Why Hurricanes Are Common During the Summer

June 8, 2018

With hurricane season officially underway, the time is now to make sure that your home is protected from excessive damage that leads to costly repairs. With the help of your local experts in storm door installation in Miami, FL, let’s take a look at the basics of how hurricanes are formed, and why these storms are so prevalent during the summer months.

How hurricanes form

During the summer, ocean water is warm, and these temperatures only increase with each passing day. As a result, the ocean water provides both the warmth and moisture that energizes and heats the air, which causes it to rise quickly and create a thunderstorm high in the atmosphere as it condenses. As heavy winds move from areas of high pressure to mix with areas of lower atmospheric pressure, the center of a storm is created. As this air is condensed and pushed out of the top of the storm’s center, more heated air and moisture takes its place until eventually the ocean kicks up so violently that a tropical storm develops. From there, a collection of these amplified thunderstorms swarms and gains momentum, creating a hurricane.

Why hurricanes are most common in the summer months

Hurricanes can and do occur throughout the entire year, but there are several different factors that lead to significantly increased activity between the months of June and September, most notably the wind dynamics and the temperature and moisture levels. Powerful wind shear is typically the strongest in the spring during the month of May. This wind shear has the ability to deter tropical storms before they strengthen, but its presence gradually wanes as the summer winds down. While this is happening, the ocean temperatures continue to rise, as the ocean soaks up more and more of the sun’s warmth every day. These two components are most in sync during the summer months, when the wind shear is at its weakest and the atmospheric temperature is high due to the hot summer weather.

With the summer months having the highest hurricane activity of the year, this time period also represents when your home is most at risk of sustaining storm damage. Preparedness is key when dealing with these powerful storms, and getting a jump on the season and fortifying your home with high impact storm windows and doors now can help to cover both your home and your wallet by reducing the amount of repairs that would have been needed for an unprotected home.

If making sure your home remains protected this hurricane season is a priority, give us a call at Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC. For over a decade we have been helping homeowners in the area strengthen their defenses against hurricanes with a customized protection plan that matches the specific needs of their home, and we are ready to help you secure your home the right way this season as well. Get shutter, door and storm window installation in Miami, FL as soon as possible by contacting us to schedule your estimate!

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