Understanding the Economic Effects of Hurricanes

June 22, 2018

On average, hurricanes cause around $28 billion worth of damage each year, and 55 percent of that total occurs in the state of Florida alone. While it is true that hurricanes have the potential to do a lot of damage both physically and economically, there are steps that you can take before the heart of hurricane season arrives to ensure your home is protected. Investing in quality storm doors and high impact resistant windows in Miami, FL now is one such way in which you can minimize the damage if a hurricane does happen to hit near your home.

Here’s a closer look at why hurricanes cause so much financial damage:

  • Wind speed: The high winds that blow in with hurricanes have the ability to cause a substantial amount of damage. In addition to knocking out power for days or weeks, these winds can forcefully slam debris and branches into your home and, depending on their strength, can even topple entire trees on to your property. Without the right protection for your home, the winds of a hurricane alone can leave a wake of damage that needs extensive repairs after the storm.
  • Heavy rains: When the storm hits land, the coinciding rise in water level above the normal tide is called a storm surge. In addition to the dangerous storm surge that occurs when the ferocious winds push the water on land, hurricanes usually come with heavy rainfall of up to six inches per hour. This combination can lead to flash flooding that is capable of ruining vehicles, equipment and homes.
  • Location: The hurricanes that touch the state of Florida most commonly form near the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean region. Since hurricanes need warm, moist air from the ocean to fuel their strength, they eventually lose steam once they reach land. This means that those with homes closer to the coast can typically expect to see the most extensive damage. In the more powerful hurricanes, though, even those who live deep inland can expect to have to deal with a lot of costly repairs if the proper precautions aren’t taken in advance.

With the amount of damage that hurricanes have the ability to cause, you will need to do whatever you can to make sure that your home has as much protection as possible. Taking the relatively small step of having storm doors and windows installed now could end up saving you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on repairs in the long run.

Here at Greystoke Hurricane Protection LLC, we use only the highest quality materials from American suppliers to create our storm doors and high impact resistant windows in Miami, FL so that you are able to keep your home sheltered during hurricane season this year. We also take the time out to make sure that the products that have been selected are the best fit for your home’s exact needs. To fortify your home against hurricanes this season, make sure you give us a call to schedule your consultation today.

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