What Should You Do Before a Hurricane Arrives

May 11, 2018

Last year’s devastating hurricane season wreaked unprecedented havoc throughout the U.S., including in South Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas. Thanks to rapidly changing weather patterns, it’s now more important than ever before to be ready for the next big storm.

There are a number of things you can do, including installing storm windows in Miami, FL, that will help you prepare for the next hurricane that strikes the region.

Prepare a survival kit

Maintaining a well-stock hurricane survival kit in your home and your place of business can help you and your loved ones weather the hurricane. Here are just some of the things to keep on hand:

  • Water: It’s incredibly important to keep a lot of water in your survival kit. You never know how long you’ll be stranded, so there should be enough water to keep all of your family members and pets alive for several days. You may also add a portable water filter as a backup in case you run out.
  • Flashlights: Flashlights will help you see, as well as increase your visibility within the disaster zone. Flashlights will allow you to navigate your home and the surrounding area much more easily—chances are, the electricity will be out during a hurricane event. Pack a few extra pairs of backup batteries.
  • Whistles and flares: After a hurricane, your primary concern is getting rescued. You should have a variety of tools at your disposal that make this easier. You should have a number of whistles you can blow to alert rescue workers as to your position. Additionally, you may want to invest in flares to increase visibility.

Fortify your home

If your home isn’t secure, it probably won’t matter how much you’ve prepared internally. Here are a few of the changes you can make to your home or place of business that will help to minimize damage caused by winds, rain and flooding:

  • Storm windows: Storm windows in Miami, FL come in a number of different levels of fortification. At the end of the day, you should consult with a hurricane safety expert to learn which types of storm windows suit your home the best. Storm windows can be implemented at both homes and businesses.
  • Accordion shutters: These unique devices allow you to completely close off your space from the outside world. Accordion shutters are excellent tools you can use to minimize the impact of hurricane-force winds, and protect large glass surfaces like sliding doors from shattering.

Greystoke Hurricane Protection is a licensed, bonded and insured provider of storm windows in Miami, FL. We provide our clients with dependable hurricane readiness solutions that can help them minimize the damage they face at their homes and at commercial properties. We are proud of our ability to sell high-quality, American-made hurricane readiness equipment. All of the gear we sell is approved by the Miami-Dade Building Product Control Division. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive hurricane survival solutions. We look forward to working with you!

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